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Start the journey of realising your true potential by securing your seat to this evening workshop now

Hi fellow life-traveller,

I hope you can make it to the workshop coming soon. Why? Because I absolutely know that there is more to you than you allow yourself to acknowledge. You are capable of living an extraordinary life that has a massive and positive impact on everyone around you. After coaching and training thousands of people, I know that the life that awaits you will come after you make some clear choices and take action in the right direction. It’s my mission to help you achieve authentic and fulfilling success in all areas of your life, including your health, finance, relationships and career.

It would be an honour if I could help you on that journey.

But first, here’s a warning: This workshop is not one of those that offers a magic pill and the achievement of your every dream and $1 million in the next 7 days. Rather, it will be a genuine conversation between fellow life-travellers about what works and what doesn’t as you strive to achieve your potential.

I look forward to connecting with you personally and playing my part in helping you make lasting changes in your life and living the life you deserve, so please enrol for this event now.

With gratitude,


Andrew Hughes
Chief Life-Traveller Tour Guide

The 1st P – The Past

The way we make sense of life is by comparing everything we experience to our past. On the basis of those comparisons, we “decide” what the present means and then take action. That’s not woo-woo, it’s the way our brains work.

Our past can either be a boat anchor or rocket fuel for the journey. What makes the difference is not what happened, but what you have decided it means for you. Change those meanings and you can change your life, permanently.

The 2nd P – Peace

If your head is like a rave party, a never-ending stream of dialogue and thinking, it’s almost impossible to experience an authentic, fulfilling life. What’s more, where that noise creates stress, your prospects of chronic illness sky rocket.

In this section you’ll begin to understand the science that makes it crystal clear – finding internal space and making peace with yourself are essential for your happiness.

The 3rd P – Purpose

Without a doubt you have one, but do you know what it is?

Purpose is universally regarded as the key to fulfilment and genuine success, but how do you know what it is and what then? By the end of this session you’ll know where to start looking and doing to become one of the privileged few who wake up every morning feeling energised, work in areas that excite them and then go to bed fulfilled, knowing their life has real meaning.

The 4th P – Perspective

Science and psychology explain that nothing is as it seems and yet you make judgements every second of every day. Those judgements relentlessly drive your behaviour, for good or bad. The question is, are your judgements correct? When you reflect on how often you change your mind about people, situations and things, the answer is obvious.You’ll learn about the power of perspective and change yours (and your actions) forever.

The 5th P – Persistence and Persuasion

Almost all overnight successes are 10 years in the making. Maybe you’re already a long way on that journey and maybe you’re not. But to get where you want to go you’ll need persistence and the ability to persuade others to support you on your journey.

At the end of this you’ll have 2 of my best tips for resilience and persuasion.

About your facilitator, Andrew Hughes

andrewAndrew is a Professional Speaker, Coach and Corporate Trainer. In 2007, Andrew left a successful and high-powered legal career as a senior executive to transform his life, becoming a prolific reader and devoted student of life’s great mysteries. Now, having trained and coached thousands of people, Andrew shares his knowledge of what works on life’s journey, combining his experience with ancient wisdom and cutting-edge research.

The result is an interactive, inspiring and mesmerising journey into what’s truly possible in every area of your life.

Andrew’s core message is:

You are a walking miracle. Your potential is profound. Your obligation is to be your authentic, fulfilled self – find your telos, commit to serve, and make the world a better place. Never settle for less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you holding this event?

To inspire you to live a better life and so make the world a better place. The greatest gift you can give is to start fulfilling your potential. As you do, the world becomes a better place and you shine your light for others.

This event is a beginning or sign post of that journey – a few hours to open your eyes to what is really possible and how you might get there.

Is it REALLY free? Why?

Yes. I want to deliver as much value as I can to you during this event without holding anything back. I’m happiest when sharing these ideas with people who want to make the most of this precious life. It turns out that the Universe
returns the favour to me when I run one of these events, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

Also, once people experience this evening course, some people decide to purchase longer courses or coaching programs. If people don’t purchase, that’s totally fine too. You will not be directly approached or asked to buy anything.

What modalities are the techniques based on?

What I teach is based on what I’ve learnt over 5 careers, 4 children, one brilliant marriage and the last 30 years of my life. It’s a collection of what I have discovered works and draws on a range of modalities and experiences.

When are you running the next one?

Currently, I have no future dates planned (and do not know if I will run this again).

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