Schools and Youth Groups

Engage Andrew as a speaker to inspire and motivate your teachers and students. His presentations range in length from 45 minutes to 2 hours, often with life-changing results.

302“Our year 9 and 10 boys were highly engaged and active participants during all of Andrew’s session at our school. He used personal stories that made the boys think and question things in a positive way. We would love to have Andrew back at our school in the future.” – Laura Gallagher, St Pius X High School

Andrew Hughes was funny and he made me think about my brain

“Andrew Hughes…was there as our guest speaker. He spoke to us about our brains and how to be ourselves as good leaders. He showed us pictures that proved to us that we see, hear and feel with our brains. He gave us four points to remember to be good leaders. They were:

  1. BE before you DO
  2. Believe you CAN
  3. Focus on your BRILLIANCE
  4. Do the things you LOVE.
What we thought:
Justess: ‘It was brilliant and a really good experience to learn about our brain.’
Tamlyn: ‘It was great to sit and learn about your brain and learn how to believe in
Dane: ‘Andrew Hughes was funny and he made me think about my brain.’
—Local Government Week Breakfast

Because of that hour I am the best person that I can be

For years I had been trying to work out what it was that I was going to do with my professional life, what it was that I would be great at and what it was that was actually going to give me self-fulfilment.

Andrew Hughes opened up my mind and most importantly my heart. He made me realise that what I was looking for was right in front of me, the thing that I would be great at I actually was doing and surprisingly I’m even better than great at it, and I am incredibly fortunate to experience countless moments of fulfilment each day.

I walked away after that hour knowing that my life from that moment on would be different. Nothing had physically changed but my whole mental approach to life had dramatically changed.

My life now has a distinct purpose and because of that hour I am the best person that I can be and will use this to inspire all the young students that I have the privilege to teach.

– Rochelle Dooley, Teacher

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Youth Coaching

In the context of NLP coaching, young people are often a long way ahead of the game. A youthful approach to life has many benefits, such as loads of self generated freedom, the ability to live in the moment and a talent for letting go.

An empowered mind = an empowered future

Coaching at the level of belief and identity is powerful, and even more powerful when we are young. In our early years we look to those we respect to make meaning of the world, furiously modelling the behaviour of those around us, soaking in their patterns and beliefs. We are literally building the foundations of our identity and our experience of life, making new neural connections and maps at a miraculous rate.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, what you expect from yourself and others, and how you approach life is driven by the meaning you have given to your history. It’s not your history itself that predicts your future. Rather, it’s the meanings and emotions you have attached to those events that are the driving forces.

“I brought Tom to see Andrew after he experienced violent bullying by three other teenage boys at a school camp. I had been recommended to a child psychologist and found that Tom was completely unengaged and uninterested in participating. I was very concerned about Tom because he was withdrawn and had been talking about suicide.

I brought Tom to see Andrew and the transformation was amazing. Since the session with Andrew about three months ago, Tom is happier than he’s been for a long time – as if a load has lifted. I would always take my boys to see Andrew because it is one of the most effective ways I’ve discovered to create a sustained change.”  –Ruth DonaldMD, Brainbase

Shift before you rust

Adults can find unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and patterns of behaviour difficult to shift. After years of practice, your identity, lifestyle and relationships may be built on a set of beliefs and emotions that do not serve you. When this happens, you may forcefully resist the change you are crying out for.

The ballgame can change dramatically if you shed disempowering meanings, beliefs and patterns before they become entrenched in adulthood. Helping a young person change disempowering meanings and beliefs to empowering ones can see them approach life, relationships and a career with a whole different level of self belief and enthusiasm.

Young people often find that process easy as they are adept at:

  • letting old ideas go
  • using their imaginations to create empowering states and meanings, and
  • imagining exciting and vibrant futures.

Mentoring – Feedback from Year 8 boys.

“The best thing I have gotten out of coming to see Andrew would be that I now think more positively about myself and everyday things. And I now realise what my best qualities are as a person. If it happens next term I don’t want anything to change in these lessons.” Peter

“I feel that coming here has made me feel so much better about myself, I feel stronger and more confident about myself and what I can achieve in life. I wouldn’t change the experience, it has changed my life and how I feel about everything.” Callum

“The best thing I liked about this class was learning how to respect myself more and hearing the stories and getting hypnotised. Next term I would like to do the same things.” C.S

“Gained more respect for myself and it was fun. If I did it again I would want to do the same thing.” M.

“The best thing in this group is you just get to be relaxed and get to use your brain and feel all your strengths and muscles relaxing…” B.

“I really enjoyed coming here because Andrew sorta told me to back yourself, be proud of who I am and he done meditating that helped my day to stay relaxed. Thanks Andrew.” Josh

“To just learn about the thing we could do if we apply ourself and I learnt a lot. And I am a lot more positive. I would love to do this again. It was a great thing. Thanks Andrew.” Joe

“The best thing I liked was the stories and hypnosis. It also made me feel better about myself.” S.

“The best thing about this class is the feeling you get when Andrew talks to us because it makes me feel calm and relaxed. It is good to make myself feel more confident about myself because sometimes I feel down. Makes me respect myself more and better.” Isaac

“Made me feel good about myself and to respect myself and what I do. It was really fun and interesting.”J.S.


Youth Coaching Programs

Andrew provides individual coaching sessions with teenagers aged 16 and up. These sessions are similar to our Deep Coaching program, with an emphasis on shifting meaning and creating an exciting vision for the future.

The format of the coaching varies depending upon the aim of the coaching, the age and needs of the young person and his/her parent or carer. Strong rapport and fun are essential, and it is important everyone feels these goals are being achieved.

What will change?

As with Deep Coaching, changes can be dramatic, with benefits including improvement in:

  • self esteem
  • confidence
  • engagement with peers and family
  • learning capability
  • debilitating fears and phobias.