Unlock Your Personal Power

Sydney NSW

15/16 November 2014




Only $597.

Hurry, places are limited.

Why the “Striving to Thriving” Program?

While it may not be obvious to you, you were born with all you need to live an extraordinary and fulfilled life, whatever that might look like for you. The opportunity to start living that life exists right now, in this moment.

We developed this program for you because many people feel stuck where they are and they don’t know how to find a way out.

The only problem anyone faces in accessing an empowered and joyful life is there is someone in the way, stopping it from happening. That person is you. The reason you can’t hear the wisdom within you is because you’re not listening.

Getting out of the way is a lot easier than you think and once you do, you can begin to live the life you love. When you finally listen, decide on what you truly want and take inspired action, striving turns into thriving.

Who is the Striving to Thriving Program For?

This Program is for you if you know there is more for you to be, do and have in this life.

It’s for you if you:

  • Observe your life is a pattern, the same problems, heartbreaks and frustrations appearing over and over again
  • Don’t like what you do but don’t know what else to do
  • Would love to make a major change in your life but don’t know how to
  • Find yourself focused on all the reasons why you have to stay where you are
  • Want to feel inspired and on purpose in all areas of life
  • Have dreamed of being, doing or having something far ‘greater’ than your current experience
  • Want more love, peace and success.

This weekend is not just a life transforming seminar. It is a weekend program that will lead you to dance with your authentic self and make a life altering commitment to letting yourself out of the box you have accepted in life. It provides you with the simple tools to continue on a lifelong journey of discernment, evolution and enlightenment.

What you get:

Unlock Your Personal Power — 2 Day LIVE Event
Hotel Urban, St Leonard

15/16 November 2014

During these 2 days you will discover:

The extent to which you are responsible for your reality
How to turn your emotions into the fuel for your highest expression of life
How to break through destructive patterns and internal conflicts
How to let go and empower the past
How to set, plan and achieve the goals your authentic self aspired to achieve
How to listen to your inner wisdom
Your silent, limiting thresholds and how to increase them.

Value: $1497


The Striving to Thriving Coaching and Mentoring Program

Learning and understanding are never the problems. What gets in the way of change is persistence. You won’t get different results in life until you show up different.

This is your opportunity to make lasting changes in your life. This is where you are going to see results, by getting the support you need to continue to act on your highest excitement and take inspired action guided by your inner wisdom.

This 8 week on-line coaching program includes:

  1. Monthly group coaching sessions
  2. Fortnightly mentoring support
  3. Email support

Value: $880

Total value of the program: $2377

Yours for only $597. That’s unbeatable value!




DSC00959‘Since working with Andrew the results have been spectacular, including 2 x $20,000 pay rises, regularly exceeding monthly sales targets, building a healthy property portfolio and most recently getting a dream job on a great salary. I would recommend anyone to Andrew for an eye-opening dose of inner potential.’—Paul Robinson


kristian_morris‘A 30 minute power session with Andrew got me off the hamster wheel and, with a tweak here and a tweak there, I was able to wrap up a 200K leasing deal within a week. That deal is worth 23K to me. Thank you Andrew for your knowledge and wisdom.’— Kristian Morris



DSC00820‘…Since the seminar, everything is clearer. I have finally settled on my approach to life ahead, and for once it doesn’t give me tiny nudges of doubt. There is light ahead now.’ –Ashley Craig