Absolutely amazing!

government“This course was absolutely amazing! Andrew is an incredible man, with such great energy and life experiences. I would 100% recommend this course, not just for ‘Emerging Leaders’, but for a personal journey. I learnt more than I thought or hoped I would. Can’t say enough positive things. It was simply life changing.”—Sara Perdrau, Emerging Leaders Program, Canberra 


“Most invigorating course I have been on. Very inspiring and enlightening.”—Andrew Hope, Emerging Leaders Program, Canberra 

30439Hunter_Water_logoCharisma, energy and intellect

“Andrew is a very experienced corporate facilitator who brings a great deal of charisma, energy and intellect to any presentation. He has presented to senior leadership teams and wider audiences about the values and methodologies of great leadership and people management. Eloquent, articulate and with a blue chip background in the law and finance, Andrew commands attention and is effective across a variety of presentation settings.” —Jonathan Morris, Hunter Water Corporation

Alive and buzzing

“Watching Andrew work with our senior leadership team was just fabulous. The audience left alive and buzzing. We received the most positive feedback from our managers. The leadership team’s perspective was challenged on how to engage and manage people. Also, the managers (like myself) were applying so much of the insight Andrew shared to their home life as well. Andrew is a great asset for any organisation looking to change, enhance or grow the culture and management capabilities.” –Sally Royal, Corporate Services Director, Hunter Water Corporation

Everyone should do this course

“I think everyone at every level in any organisation should do this course.”—Alison Coates, Evolution of a Leader, Canberra 



Truly inspiring

Marketsoft-logo“Thank you SO much for our session today. I have taken so much away and I can see our Team dynamic changing already. You are truly inspiring, your confidence and enthusiasm is awesome!!!”—Alison Feuerstein, Marketsoft

“First impressions of Andrew as we greeted him in the morning were only positive. Throughout the day he grew in his energy levels and would give Tony Robbins a run for his money! Andrew was able to constructively respond to all questions from the team and left us all with a few key life changing habits to immediately action.”—Joel NicholsonManaging Director, Marketsoft

“Andrew created an amazing day, which engaged the whole team. His style brings out the best in everyone, and stimulates change.”—Dan Cummins, Marketsoft

Andrew rocks!!!

retain HR“Andrew rocks!!! The delivery of the leadership sessions is more advanced than anything I have experienced in the past. Real content that I can use.”—Craig McGregor, Director, HRG


Fascinating information

limespring_logo“I wish everyone in the workplace had the opportunity to attend at least one of Andrew’s sessions – a mix of fascinating information, humour, and making sure we take the lessons learned back into the workplace. Thank you!”—Nicci Richman, Limespring Recruitment

A great investment

bloomfield“Andrew Hughes provides an engaging view on teamwork from both perspectives. His experience, theory and application made the 3 days a great investment for all the management team.”—Paul Taylor, CFO, The Bloomfield Group


UGL“Thank you, after many years in management my journey starts again, with a fresh set of skills and tools. In one word – Brilliant!”—David Paff, HR manager, UGL Limited


True Inspiration

government“I’ve been…on many courses, but your course has been different. I’ve learnt more things about myself in 3 days that I have in 30 years. You are a true inspiration and I now look forward to being everything I now know I can be.”—MC, Evolution of a Leader, Canberra 

More at peace with myself

“I left the course feeling stronger, safer and more at peace with myself and the world around me. I also acquired some important tools to help me reassess, refocus and move forward in my life without so much fear and worry.”—MFB, Evolution of a Leader, Canberra 

A very big impact

“Apart from the very engaging presentation style, the humour and the honesty, the course itself embodies your 5 Ps of WellBeing.

You have affirmed many things in my mind to do with the enormous privilege of working with people. Your passion and commitment to the message also have a very big impact – especially for people who may be exhausted and weary of using methods that stunt rather than enlarge the experience of life for others.

Thank you for following your dream – because in your sharing of this dream, hope and encouragement comes to many others.”—Rosyln Namgyal, WellBeing for Leaders, Canberra

Awesome session

“Andrew, I want to bottle you and take your teachings with me everywhere I go! Awesome session today. Just what I needed!”—Sarah Caesar, WellBeing for Leaders, Canberra

Exciting to be around

Thank you for such an inspirational day…it’s exciting to be around someone who is as passionate as you about what they do!

I went home via Bunnings and bought a pinboard so I could write down my 3 daily gratitudes and pin them up where I can see them – positive thinking here I come!”—Renae Ballantyne, Emerging Leaders, Canberra

Dynamic presentation

Parsons Brinkerhoff“Andrew delivers a dynamic presentation to his audience. He kept the group engaged and we all went home with some valuable knowledge.”—Chris Rice, Parsons Brinckerhoff


Craig Lieschke, Director, Healing WaveNothing short of priceless

“Your message, passion, motivation and inspiration for our staff (both personally and professionally) have been nothing short of priceless.”—Craig Lieschke, Director, Healing Wave

 Things have never been better!

Since attending your leadership course 6 months ago and applying the ideas we learnt, our team performance has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. We’ve developed a winning culture in a high pressure environment, and staff who have been around for years are telling us things have never been better! Our people enjoy coming to work, their attitudes have changed and their results speak for themselves, such that our bosses are noticing and letting us know we are doing a great job. All of this while we’re having more fun and helping our team members to succeed. We love it.

Thank you so much Andrew, your course was certainly worth it and we can’t wait for more training with you.—Rudi and Rach, Transformational Leaders, Canberra 


“Before I attended this course I had a negative attitude as to what I wanted to do in life – career wise and personal life.

The day after I attended your course I was more motivated then ever, I had such a positive view on the way I looked at life. I have now put my loan repayments up and will be debt free in 9 months rather then 4 yrs, I have opened up a house savings account and contribute to it every fortnight, I have also won myself a higher role in my Department. The skills I have gained will get me one step closer to what I want to do career wise and that is a great positive out of this new role.

I look at what’s really important to me now and feel good about achieving such great goals.

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this course and I recommend it to everyone. It has only been weeks since I did this course and the impact it has had on me is life changing, I have never been so happy with my relationship, health & fitness, and career.”—Julie Sims, Transformational Leaders, Canberra 

Fun, insightful and inspiring

“Andrew’s leadership courses are practical, fun, insightful and inspiring. I recommend them to all who want to be the best that they can be.”—Vincent Nguyen, Transformational Leaders, Canberra 

Hands down the best

“Personally and professionally, hands down the best personal development course I’ve ever attended.”—Anna, Transformational Leaders, Canberra 

Practical tools which I really use

“I have just attended my sixth course through Andrew Hughes. It gives me practical tools which I really use for personal development and to contribute to the success of my teams.”—Danni Woods, Transformational Leaders, Canberra 

Made you want to learn

Rated 10/10 for Content and Delivery.

  • I found Andrew Hughes entertaining. He made you want to learn.
  • Everything was useful.
  • Electromagnetic field of the heart stories and breathing through the heart (was the most useful) – It explains what I’m feeling and gives me space for perspective.
  • I love Andrew’s presentations. He is so inspiring.
  • Andrew was very engaging.
  • The activities (were the most useful) as they put the content into reality.
  • The program was perfect for me. I was involved the whole day – great!
  • (How do we improve the program?) Just keep Andrew!
  • The parts about our ‘being’, our beliefs and our values (were most useful). The restrictions we place on ourselves.
  • All the content was excellent.
  • The impact of stress (was most useful) as (I am) currently going through this!
  • Presenter was excellent. 10 out of 10.

—Feedback from governmentTransformational Leaders 

A wonderful and passionate presenter

“…your course has given me tools to think about for use in my everyday working life. It has also made me realise that how you present yourself on a daily basis can leave good or bad work life impressions on those around you, so I am trying to think about the working image I may be presenting on a daily basis. I also try to remember not to react to a situation, but to think clearly before acting.

You are a wonderful and passionate presenter and I marvel at your ability to express yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed your course and I would highly recommend your motivational ability. Thank you for a very interesting three days.”—Irene Ferguson, Emerging Leaders, Canberra 

Changed my life

“Andrew’s courses have changed my life and my leadership methods.”—Sarah Caesar, Change Manager, Canberra

Great enthusiasm and practical ideas

“Andrew brings great enthusiasm and practical ideas to help people achieve their potential. Time with him is well spent.”—Anne, Manager, IT Teams, APS

Definitely no sleeping

“Andrew makes the sessions fun and enjoyable. Definitely no sleeping during these courses.”—Gillian K, Canberra

Focus was on me

“Andrew’s Transformational Leadership courses are fun, energetic and real. First time I’ve attended courses where the focus was on me and how my management skills can be used instead of the other way around. Highly recommend it to those looking for a more self focussed approach.”—Lola Pintos-Lopez, Canberra

I am inspired!

“What a fantastic presenter. To be better than we are, I am inspired! Some fantastic tools to not only be a better person within ourselves but also to instil in a team environment.”—Kristi, Canberra

New skills

“Being a new team leader I found this inspiring and have now new skills to take back to my work place.”—Marlene Leonard, Canberra

A truly creative thinker

“Andrew offers a very rare mix of innovation, research, intelligence, rigour, creativity, warmth and interpersonal skill. My team of 75 people loved his sense of humour and his capacity to bring out the best in us in a logical well constructed sequence of activities. It was the first time some of my team had met or otherwise come together for a common activity such as this. Staff found the workshop at times inspiring, at times challenging and at times playful.

Andrew offers a good deal of himself in the process. The impact of the workshop has been deep and lasting – apart from the planning we’ve now completed, there has been a significant mood shift in the Branch and we are working constructively together as a team to deal with the backlog of staffing, financial and change management issues.

I recommend Andrew as a truly creative thinker who draws of a great depth of experience at the senior executive level to impart a rich learning experience. We left the 2 days more energised than when we went into it – this is not common in public service planning days.”—Rick Moloney, National Manager, Marketing, Online and Customer Communication, Centrelink


“ComSuper really enjoyed your presentation on the seven tips to be an Inspirational Leader. As a presenter you were engaging and very enthusiastic about the topic.
When walking around the office we were able to tell the staff who attended your presentation as they were all smiling and inspired by you, many staff have also spoken about the tips they have taken on board from the presentation.

Thank you for inspiring ComSuper!!”—Linda Brennan, Manager – Learning & Development, Canberra

One of the best

“Andrew Hughes is an excellent facilitator, one of the best in my opinion.”—Heather Kay Manager, Business Continuity Audit & Risk, Canberra

Fantastic facilitator

“Andrew is very informative and enthusiastic. Fantastic facilitator.”—Chris Byrne

Challenging and different

nclawsocnew“Andrew’s presentation was really motivating, challenging and different. If we as lawyers applied only some of his ideas and attitudes in our professional lives we’d be happier in our work, and given the psychological risks within our profession, that is worth striving for.”—Dr Colin James, Newcastle Law Society

Bloody fantastic!

“Thanks for arranging the [3 day Emerging Leaders] course with Andrew, it was bloody fantastic! Best course arranged by ComSuper I have ever been to! I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I bought his CD and listened to it on the way to work and it’s almost good as him being there in real life.”—Rudi Rajic, Manager, Canberra

Refreshingly honest

“Andrew is very inspiring, and practices the integrity and leadership that he preaches. His honesty against the content is refreshing in a course.”—Greg Saunders

Like a tonic!

“I really feel positive today, I feel the session with Andrew has helped me get things back into perspective. It feels like I had a tonic!”—Charmaine Whyte Case Officer, APS Case Management

His enthusiasm is contagious

“Andrew’s energy is impressive and his enthusiasm is contagious.”—Sharon Gallagher Manager, Corporate Communications, Canberra

Inspire you to greatness

“I think any time spent with Andrew Hughes is valuable based on his incredible ability to inspire you to greatness. I have done a few sessions with Andrew now and always come away with renewed enthusiasm to improve not only on my work skills, but my life skills.”—Karen Ryan

Fun and engaging

“Overwhelmingly the feedback about [Andrew’s] facilitation has been fantastic. I don’t think I have ever before seen a facilitator with a rating no lower than 9 out of 10!… It was a combination of your professionalism, the experience you brought from your own experience as a senior leader … and importantly the fun and engagement you achieved from all participants, that absolutely made the Program such a success.”—Tina Swain, Internal Facilities Director, Canberra

Excellent and motivational

centrelinkQuestion; What did you consider to be the major highlights of the Centrelink planning/team building days and why?

“The presenter/facilitator (Andrew) was excellent and I would be very interested in him being used again.” —Daniel Hodgson

“Andrew Hughes. He is very motivational…” —Narelle Burton

“Facilitator (Andrew Hughes). Excellent value and handled the reticent audience really well. I’ve no doubt he would have enjoyed a strong stimulant afterwards!” —Peter Ward, Centrelink, Marketing, Online and Customer Communication Division

Massive self-discovery

“I attended one of Andrew’s sessions as part of an executive development program organised by my office. The session really opened my eyes to the central role that being in touch with someone’s values and fundamental motivators can play in ensuring they are a happy, high-performing employee. In large part this was a massive self-discovery exercise for me. Reflecting on my own values, and what it is that makes me enjoy so much the work that I do, gave me a powerful tool for framing my own career development. More than that, it showed me a better way to manage the staff that I supervise to ensure that they are involved in work that they find fulfilling and meaningful. By engaging with my colleagues at this deeper level, I have a more profound appreciation of their motivators and their needs.

I now feel like I can manage my staff (and myself) in a way that enhances their workplace experience beyond merely meeting their budgets and performance plan measures. If it had not been for Andrew’s session, it may have taken me many years and many less-than-ideal supervisory experiences to grasp this – and perhaps I never would have.”—Justin Davidson, Senior Executive Lawyer, AGS

Empowering and motivating

taree-council“Andrew – Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your leadership training last week. Your training should be very useful in empowering and motivating people for our journey ahead. I particularly liked the way you were able to blend facts about brain physiology, anecdotes and behaviours.”—Ron Posselt, Executive Leader Service Delivery, Greater Taree City Council


An exhilarating experience

“Training with Andrew is a rewarding, motivating and exhilarating experience.”—Maxine McPhee, General Manager, Hunter Irrigation & Water Solutions

A real wake-up call

Rated 5/5 (Excellent) for Presenter Effectiveness, Content Quality, and Content Relevance.

  • Andrew was an excellent presenter, he had a lot of energy and was very motivating. It was also useful as he understands how AGS operates and he was able to draw on this experience.
  • Good presenter with lots of energy. Good examples as a result of previous position at AGS.
  • Andrew is a true original – the course was a real wake up call and an inspiration to be more positive.
  • Provided excellent insight into ways of thinking and seeking and models for dealing with situations one might encounter in the workplace. Alluded to further reading and areas of interest which was useful.

—Feedback from AGS Executive Development Group

Loved every minute

Rated 10/10 (Very Effective) for Content and Presenter.

  • Best course I’ve ever been on.
  • Entertaining, enthusiastic, inspiring. Loved every minute.
  • I loved the lot. So many practical tools for work and life.
  • The applied psychology and neuropsychology were excellent. Very knowledgeable presenter, and engaging as well.
  • I didn’t think I could meditate, but realise I can.
  • I loved the scientific, factual supporting info. The ‘being’ elements and the practical examples/tools on how to change the way you think.
  • You are inspirational. Thank you.

—Feedback from Emerging Leaders Nov. 2012

Exceptional people skills

“It was a great pleasure to work with Andrew… My approach is to think outside of the square but focus on current realities and he encouraged this, bringing out the best in myself and the rest of the staff. What struck me the most, during that time, was his passion, energy and staff engagement. He has exceptional people skills creating a positive working environment. This is supported by his legal background which enhances his problem solving abilities.”—Karen Goldspink, Project Management & Communications, Depart. Climate Change & Energy Efficiency

Sees the big picture

“Andrew has a stong commitment to an outcome; he sees the big picture, identifies obstacles and pushes hard to get to the ends the business needs. He is innovative and can make proposals that challenge orthodoxy and more conventional process types. He is also great fun to be with.”—David Riggs, CFO, AGS

High energy, intelligent and able

“Andrew is a high energy, intelligent and able operator who impresses with his industry knowledge and zeal. Those who work with Andrew will be impressed by his sense of urgency, communication skills and charisma.”—Julian Lambert, Senior Specialist, Evidence Services, ASIC

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