Employees First – Anything Else is Madness

hcl-frontpage1Get with the groove everyone – the way of the future is being modelled right now by HCL, the fastest growing global IT company in the world of recent years. Since 2005, armed with the seemingly radical idea of “employees first, customers second”, it’s been revolutionising how we approach leadership and management.

It’s easy to put the business first, tell your employees what is best for them and demand they get in line or else, but it’s also a sure way to demotivate your employees, shackle your performance and ultimately kill your business. Of course accountability is essential in any business, but it’s rarely an issue when your employees know you care, enjoy transparency, have autonomy and are empowered to make a difference.

Ironically, putting employees first turns out to be essential if you want the best for your customers and your business. That’s why the Harvard Business School thought enough of it to publish the book. It’s common sense of course, but unfortunately uncommon practice in a society where many have forgotten work is a vehicle for life, not vice-versa.

The journey of turning your business into a self sustaining thriving community of motivated employees is worth starting today – open your eyes to a better future for you, your business and those you work with.