Meditation – Why bother?

Why does meditation work? What does it do for us?

Get onto Google or YouTube, and you’ll see a whole bunch of studies around the effect of meditation on health and performance, life quality, and even brain function. Not if you meditate once and then don’t do it again for another five years, but if you’re a regular meditator.

But what does meditation mean?

Meditation, in short, is finding a place of inner peace. It’s really just taking your focus away from the outside world and for a moment, putting it on the inside world. As you look around the outside world, you get messages about where you are, about who you are. Even if you’re not doing it at a conscious level, at an unconscious level there’s an affirmation of who you are and where you are – or at least who and where you think you are – in life.

Meditation is  great to use when you want to transform your life. Transformation means getting different results in life. It means tapping into your full potential. Is that about doing the same things over and over? Well, yes and no. Of course, you’ve got to be persistent and you’ve got to be resilient, but banging your head against a brick wall over a ten year period is not going to help you. You can have resilience and persistence, but you might need to do something different. More importantly, you might need to be somebody different.

So, how does meditation help?

Meditation gives you at least a short period to tap into your inner world and recede from all of the stimulus that’s bombarding you externally. If you do this enough, you’ll find that you begin to have a sense of inner peace. You’ll get a sense of internal space.

And then you’ll find there’s a lag effect – that is, I go through life and I’m not so reactive, I seem to have a more peaceful, stronger, more authentic foundation. As I meditate, the person I am being (once I get out of meditation) is a different person to the one I used to be. I’ve let go of some of the buttons, the pinpricks, the triggers, and that’s how I begin to use meditation to change what happens in my life.

As you meditate, as you get practised (and it only has to be 5, 10, 15 minutes a day), you begin to discover wisdom. Insight begins to flood into your consciousness. During the day you’re still busy, but you have access to this quiet space, and into this void comes ‘a-ha’ moments – things you couldn’t have imagined suddenly seem obvious.

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