Follow your excitement… Part 2

star wars hologramThe fact that you are designed to follow your calling is also consistent with the concept of a holographic universe. Since the 80s, science has been pointing (with ever increasing certainty) to the conclusion that the universe is a hologram. You are part of that hologram. Far from being a ‘far-out’ possibility, many quantum physicists are now quite certain that we live in a illusory world – it has rules and natural laws, but it is a hologram nonetheless.

(If you’re interested in this topic, read Dr Michael Talbot’s ground breaking book from the 80s, “The Holographic Universe“).

A hologram is a 3D image that appears in space – the image of Princess Leia appealing to Obi-Wan Kenobi projected by R2-D2 in Star Wars is an example of a hologram. It is created by shining a laser through a holographic plate. So, if this Universe is a hologram, the interesting questions are:

  • Where is the holographic plate?
  • What is shining through the plate to create the hologram? and
  • Who or what decides what is on the holographic plate?

In short, on the basis of my experience and research of spiritual, theological and scientific themes, the answers confirm what I feel to be true:

  • The holographic plate is an impression on the ‘Great Field’ or the substrata from which all things manifest; 
  • The light shining through the plate is consciousness or awareness; and
  • What is on the plate (and so what we are to experience in this life) is established by the higher self (a.k.a. the true self, the Christed Self, the divine self, etc).

To successfully digest this model of the world, it’s necessary to accept that there is a grander design of which you are a part and that love is a guiding principle of the Universe. All of the great religions, philosophies, wisdom, saints, sages and seers preach these common themes. So do many scientists who, paradoxically, appear to become more spiritual the longer they are immersed in the study of the physical world. Max Planck is a fine example of this process.

If this model of the world is real, then it makes plain the futility in fighting against who you are. If anyone knows what is is ‘right’ for you in this life, it’s your true self, and so the journey is not to follow the ego into competition, comparison and achievement for their own sake. The journey of least resistance and greatest expression of life is to follow the blueprint of your true self.

You do this by 2 processes:

1. Don’t label your experience, but accept that there is a grander game and purpose at play. Surrender to your journey. From this space, suffering diminishes rapidly.

2. Follow your excitement. What is it that fulfils you? What do you love to do? How do you make the world a better place? What are you gifted at? This is your calling, and this is what your higher self has designed for you to live. It’s up to you whether you do or not.


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