Get what you want, now

What if getting what you want was a lot easier than you think?

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I have recently worked with three clients (and only these three) using a process I have developed to get what they want, in a hurry. The results speak for themselves.

Client 1: Made $23,000 commission the next week, after months of nothing happening.

Client 2: Closed four deals worth $89,802 in a week, three of those coming entirely ‘out of the blue’.

Client 3: Got the go ahead for a $9,870 trial in the mining industry that is the beginning of a $1.47M contract. That same client was also asked to present at the preeminent event for their industry, despite approaching the organisers well after the cutoff date.

To be honest, I was shocked by how fast and effective this process is. But the results keep coming.

What have I discovered?

I’ve been chipping away at this ‘live your dream life’ game for a few years now and I’ve helped a lot of people radically change their lives. Some have tasted major success within weeks. For others it has been a more subtle process – they look back after a year or two, and are shocked by how much their lives have changed and improved.

In contrast, some others haven’t tasted the same success. Same problems, same desires, same processes, but different outcomes. As Professor Sumner-Miller might have said, ‘Why is it so?’

I’ve discovered that it’s all a lot simpler than you think, but it requires effort – not so much in ‘doing’ but in the sphere of ‘being’. As it turns out, it’s not rocket science.

How to get what you want…

When I compare who has made it with who hasn’t, there are obvious differences. Those who taste success:


  • Are clear on what they desire but are not attached to it.
  • Focus on how they feel, using it as a barometer for success and compass for action.
  • Confront and transmute their baggage.
  • Spend time consciously experiencing and listening to their divine inner self.
  • Embrace where they are and who they are.
  • Are conscientious about doing what it takes.

Interestingly, those who are successful feel more (with their heart and gut) and think less. They don’t do more. In fact, they often do less but always manage to do the right things. They often experience serendipity or luck – opportunities fall in their lap.


How does it work?

The science of our time tells us that you are not all that dissimilar to a TV, and the station you pick up (your reality) has much to do with what you are tuned into.

You are constantly sending out energy or a frequency from your body, and it impacts your environment. This happens whether you like it or not, all day, every day. You can be conscious about it –and most people are for about 5% of the time. The problem is that for the other 95% of the day (and night) most are on auto pilot, their thoughts driven by unconscious patterns inherited and developed in childhood.

Your emotions will tell you what you are transmitting and tuning into.

So what is it you are putting out? Is it fear of not enough, is it a fear of non-approval, is it low grade anxiety or worry?  If you’re not having the experience of life you would like right now, this is probably you. If, on the other hand, you are living the life of your dreams, chances are you are constantly feeling and thinking something very different.

The simple answer

In six words, the simple answer to get what you want right now is:


There is a divine spark within you that is able to be, do or have anything that you desire. What you are experiencing right now is a product of your choices, without question. Making different choices is easy once you understand and transform the way you make them.