Are You Your Identity?

Everyone defines themselves one way or another, and in doing so creates boundaries and limitations. Most lives are spent trapped by that box – an arbitrary and illusory outline of what is possible. What is absolutely undeniable is that your constructed identity is not who you are. After all, you change your sense of identity constantly with the input of life experience. But does that mean the essence of who you are is also constantly changing? Of course not. If you’re unsure, go within for only the briefest of moments and you’ll find that which is constant.

If only you understood your true nature and what your potential is, perhaps you would spend more time adoring every aspect of life and who you are. Perhaps then you would create your reality from your dreams (rather than your fears), live life from your heart (rather than your head), and experience more of what’s possible for you (rather than an affirmation of the lack you feel).

No doubt you would let go of fear, laugh more, be patient and take things a lot less seriously.

The good news is that in the end we all get there, to a place of peace and enlightenment where we understand our grandeur and can laugh at the game called life. It is known as life’s greatest adventure by some. Those who have had a glimpse (through meditation, prayer, remembering, NDEs, etc) call it going home. Those still hooked in the physical and their 5 senses call it death.

After many years of meditation, research and remembering, my knowing is that we are eternal and death is a time of transition, nothing more. What you believe is up to you and absolutely valid, but if I am right what does that say about your identity and the limitations you impose on yourself? What if you threw some of those shackles off? What if you began to love and honour your eternal nature now?

Doing life differently comes from being different. Start being you today.