Mai-Wel Comedy Debate

Some photos from the great Mai-Wel Comedy Debate in August.

From the local media – ‘an hysterical battle-of-the-sexes as national celebrities and local high profile identities go toe-to-toe contesting the topic ‘God is a woman: Equality in Eternity’
Tackling the affirmative argument was one-half of the famous comedy duo Lano and Woodley, Frank Woodley leading his all-male teammates Andrew Hughes and Tranter Lawyers Managing Director Matthew Tranter along the path to the holy handbag.
Leader of the opposition is stand-up comedienne and writer Claire Hooper, who will join forces with Director of The Training Transfer Michelle Newton and 1233 ABC Newcastle morning announcer Jill Emberson in their fight to maintain the masculine image of the big guy above.
As Master of Ceremonies, 1233 ABC Newcastle’s Dan Cox will keep it all together as the teams bring to the stage their hysterical wit and talents in the ultimate gender showdown.’

Proceeds from the evening went towards acquiring a Mai-Wel Domestic Skills House, to provide a realistic experience of living away from home for people with a disability .