“The universe surrenders to the mind that is still.” – Lao Tzu

Why meditation?

Fact 1: You are addicted to thinking. If you want proof, try to take 5 full breaths without a thought entering your head. Do that now… How did you go? Most people can’t do one full breath without a thought popping in from somewhere. You have about 60,000 thoughts a day, most of which are the same core thoughts repeated over and over. Your thinking is one of the things that’s in the way to a much easier, successful life.
Fact 2: The illusive ‘aha’ moment, otherwise called insight, is associated with gamma brain wave activity. The busy mind almost never experiences insight because it is drowned out by the busy mind.
Fact 3: Whether you like it or not, you are connected to and part of a higher power, something much bigger than you. You connect to that higher power through listening to your higher self, quietening the mind and going within. It’s the process through which your God, whatever that may mean to you, is most likely to communicate with you.
Fact 4: Science equates your power of creation with the process of observation – the expectation you bring with your observation plays a significant role in what shows up in your life. The reason why so many people manifest experiences in their life that they don’t want is because they are ‘bad observers’. They’re unable to keep their mind focussed on what they want for more than 3-8 seconds at a time. Instead, most of their time is spent focussed on what they fear and don’t want. Meditation builds the brain muscle needs for focussed observation.
Fact 5: Meditation is associated with an improvement with almost every positive health and well being measurement imaginable.

The Practice of Meditation

In short, meditation is the process of stilling the mind by focussing on something, while also relaxing. All techniques seek this balance – focus on the one hand and peace on the other. How you get there is far less important than achieving that state. Like anything, it takes practice 🙂

Free Meditation MP3

These tracks were originally developed for our popular 30 Day Challenge program. Enjoy!

Introduction to Meditation 1

Meditation 1

Introduction to Meditation 2

Meditation 2

Introduction to Meditation 3

Meditation 3 with Binaural Rhythms

Meditation 3 without Binaural Rhythms

Introduction to Meditation 4

Meditation 4 with Binaural Rhythms

Meditation 4 without Binaural Rhythms

These Guided Meditations are designed to give you a taste of:

  • Expanding awareness and consciousness.
  • Energy Awareness – Moving breath and energy through the body.
  • Energy Clearing
  • Parnassus Meditation Technique – Connection with universal potential
  • Purifying with breath and light
  • Vastness of mind
  • Heart Meditation – Practising gratitude and compassion.
  • Time Line Meditation