Monday Meditation: It’s all about Ease

This is one of the key insights that has come up during the first 2 weeks of our meditation course. It’s all about ‘ease’.

It was Carl Jung who said ‘What you resist, persists’ and this is very true. While having an empty mind is an excellent goal for meditation, it doesn’t have to happen straight away. Like any new activity, achieving a peaceful mind through meditation is a skill you can develop.

To shorten the time it takes to find inner peace, relax and allow thoughts to enter your mind. The trick is to allow them to leave your mind as easily as they came in. This process can be effortless. In contrast, fighting the thoughts gives them unnecessary focus, which makes your mind busier.

Rather than be concerned with keeping thoughts out or getting rid of them once they come into your mind, have a gentle preference for the meditation and for a clear mind. Far from a do or die battle, simply have a preference for the stillness or whatever it is you are focusing on. If you observe yourself immersed in a thought, that’s OK. Gently exercise your preference to return to the meditation and find how easy it is to do so.

Space and time

Meditation takes you beyond space and time. It has been interesting to see how everyone experiences time flying by while their bodies remain cross-legged on the floor in our meditation room. Physicists tell us that time is an illusory concept that humans use to make sense of reality and our class is already experiencing, after only 2 sessions, that meditation allows us to escape our mental construct of time. There are a few studies on meditation reducing the ageing process. Maybe this is one of the reasons.

The second and related point is that meditation begins to release our identification with our body. Last week we focused on identifying the energy body. Each person was able to experience the energy that flows inside the body, being connected with but also independent of the body. Some lost awareness of the body altogether, and in doing so transcended space.

If you are not longer in your body, where are you and what defines you?

Meditation is a way to discover your true nature, beyond space and time. In only 2 sessions we have left our bodies and stepped out of the limits of our everyday world. Each week is an adventure.

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Next week we’ll look at the movement of energy in the body, and you’ll get the link to that download I promised.

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