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DSC00957I wrote down a dream re studying at Copenhagen Business School when attending your weekend workshop with the timing for this exact date. It’s crazy as it seemed to have just happened out of the blue and in a week I’ll be relocating over there. Thanks for the techniques and tips shared over the last couple of years. I’m stoked and can’t wait to write down a few more goals in your lucky workbook!

Matthew Harland, Hunter Young Professionals

Changed My Life

Andrew’s sessions changed my life. I went to see Andrew during a challenging time but found that Andrew’s charismatic style and simple and effective techniques were able to break down my barriers in a relaxed and comfortable setting. I enjoyed every session. I also found the tools that he provided are very effective and easy to implement in daily life. As a result I’m having more fun, laughing more and see things differently. So far, I love the results.

V Hall, Newcastle

World Class

glenThe coaching service you deliver is top of the range. Through my professional sporting career I was fortunate enough to have leadership and mental skills coaching from some of the best in the business. I have gained as much from you as I did from these experts in developing high performance. With your coaching I continue to improve towards being the best person and business leader that I can be.

Glenn Bunny, Director Environmental Services

Wrapped up a 200K leasing deal within a week

kristian_morrisWork ethic has never been a problem for me, however working with vision, purpose and clarity can be often be difficult in the competitive world of Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing.

A 30 minute power session with Andrew got me off the hamster wheel and, with a tweak here and a tweak there, I was able to wrap up a 200K leasing deal within a week. That deal is worth 23K to me.

Thank you Andrew for your knowledge and wisdom.

Kristian Morris, Sales and Leasing, Deans Property

The results have been spectacular

paul-robinsonI recently met with Andrew for a coffee, and this 30 minute catchup turned into an amazing visioning session. He asked me to describe my “perfect 10” for a scenario at work. Over the few next days I received calls from clients agreeing to proceed with a solution worth $71,821.00 and 3 lots of new business coming in at $17,981.00. I now visualize my “perfect 10” for meetings and monthly sales targets. This is easy and fun!

I have been working with Andrew since 2008. During this time and with Andrew as my tour guide, mentor, coach and friend, I have seen my goals come to life, not only in my mind’s eye, and the results have been spectacular, including 2 x $20,000 pay rises, regularly exceeding monthly sales targets and building a healthy property portfolio. I would recommend anyone to Andrew for an eye-opening dose of inner potential.

Paul Robinson, Sales Manager

The surprises just keep coming

Working with Andrew on an individual basis, he takes you on an unexpected journey. Lose your preconceived ideas of one-on-one coaching and you will find yourself with the best outcome. My whole approach to looking at challenges and focusing my energy has changed. Many changes have occurred since working with Andrew and the positive surprises just keep coming my way.

 Sally Royal, Senior Executive, Hunter Water Corporation

Andrew changed my life

robmason“Andrew is an inspirational coach who has changed the way I look at life. Andrew is always 100% present for me and I know that I can bring anything to the table during our sessions.

He is a caring, intuitive coach who walks his talk and uses the tools and techniques in his own life. He shares his personal experiences with me which gives me confidence in my own ability to makes the changes I want to in my life.

After a coaching session with Andrew, I feel as though I can take on the world. He opens my mind to so many possibilities I have never seen and allows me to move forward from areas of my life that I have felt stuck in for years. Without him, I would have stayed stuck forever.

Thanks to Andrew, I have smashed through my fear of going after what I want in life and now look forward to challenges that I used to hide from. Coaching with Andrew has empowered me in both my personal and professional life and improved my confidence and knowledge of who I am. As a result of our sessions together, my life has changed and I am eternally grateful for having Andrew as my coach.”

Rob MasonBusiness Owner, Chatswood 

Outstanding approach

“A Leadership Coaching program with Andrew is more than energising and focussed – it’s inspiring. He creates an environment that dissolves the limitations of history, expectation, and assumption. Participants become more positive, more confident, more successful within hours of entering the program. The approach is outstanding.”

Maxine McPheeGeneral Manager

A dynamic force for change

fiona“What ever you wish to change in your life, Andrew Hughes is your man. He is a dynamic force for change in anyones life. If there is anything, anything at all that you need to let go, move towards or just be a more authentic, he is the one you need to get you exactly where you want to be. A passionate man with a mission, he is unstoppable in his quest to make the world a better place and that starts with you and me. Thank you Andrew for being such a beacon of light in my life!

Fiona Baylis, Singer

Less burdened, less anxious

DSC00237“I feel a lot less burdened by my business, a lot less anxious. I see it as an asset now. I really enjoy going to work, which wasn’t always true. And I’m a lot more comfortable with the financial viability of the business – it seems much easier to bring in the money.”

Ian Bell, Business Owner, Newcastle

The real deal

Rohan“Having spent the twenty years in the field of human wellness, the concept of NLP is not new to me. Recently I experienced a total break through with an important issue that I had been trying to resolve for many years, after just one session with Andrew.

The very next day I was noticing positive changes in my life!

Andrew is the real deal, I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about creating the life they deserve.”

Rohan O’Reilly, Holistic Strength & Wellness coach, Mandala Keys

Work is now flying in the door

DSC00552“Before engaging Andrew’s leadership coaching services I was reasonably happy with my level of success but felt that something was lacking. I felt that I was on a plateau unsure of my next move. Life and business was good, but I could sense repetition settling in…

Andrew challenged the beliefs I had about myself and helped me to redefine them, building new ones. He guided me through some NLP exercises and engaged me in an interesting dialogue about my character, my past and future expectations, giving me tools to help me better self manage and self perceive.

In meeting with Andrew I realised that I could change the beliefs that I had built about myself and in doing this could change my approach to learning new skills or taking on new endeavours. In the past I may have simply believed that I was not capable of a particular task or direction and thus ignored it. Andrew helped me bust through those beliefs and limitations.

Work is now flying in the door. I am back on my creative edge, tackling new skills and pursuing new connections with a new level of enthusiasm. I feel like I have launched off the recent plateau behind and can see more clearly the many opportunities and bright paths set out ahead.”

Daniel BorgOwner and Creative Director, Psyborg

I feel so much more relaxed and content

“I came to Andrew to help me with my relationship issues, I felt so stuck and wanted to move forward with or without my partner. I’m very glad to say that I am still in my relationship and we are simply more open, real, caring and loving toward each other. My changes inside me instigated changes in him and I am armed with tools to help if issues arise, but I feel so much more relaxed and content from deep inside. It is wonderful. Other areas of my life feel less cluttered and I am generally in a much healthier space, more open to relaxing into the joy of life.”
TanyaBlue Mountains

Talented healer and motivator

“My gentle kind son always thinks of others and cares about what others think… He is a talented singer and had stopped singing due to peer presure and getting teased.

After 2 sessions with Andrew the following week his teacher asked kids to stand in front of class and show their talent… My son got up and sang and everyone loved it, except his best friend! My son came home happy and realised his friend can get over it! He was proud he faced his fear of rejection for his love of singing and how well he had been cheered by his class mates.

Thank you Andrew for helping him be true to himself. I would highly recommend this talented healer and motivator to all parents.

Lisa De Ruyter

Real and tangible action

“Andrew is one of those rare people who is willing to help others by giving of himself. Andrew changed my life – literally – with his words of encouragement and motivation, which he backed up with real and tangible action. Thanks to Andrew I have realised my goal of moving to Melbourne and taking up a fantastic opportunity working for the largest Superannuation Administrator in Australia. I would hire Andrew’s services in instant!”

Thomas Brosz, Engagement and Relationship Analyst, Superpartners

The transformation was amazing

“I brought Tom to see Andrew after he experience violent bullying by three other teenage boys at a school camp. I had been recommended to a child psychologist and found that Tom was completely unengaged and uninterested in participating. I was very concerned about Tom because he was withdrawn and had been talking about suicide.

I brought Tom to see Andrew and the transformation was amazing.

When I picked Tom up from the appointment, he was excited about his future, he’d let go of some extreme fear which had been holding him back, and set some goals. He decided to change schools and move away from the violent, bullying students. It was really interesting to see this transformation in Tom as he has been highly resistant to change his whole life; and yet, he chose to change schools. Interestingly, he spoke about some of the goals he’d set and changing schools was going to support his new direction.

Since the session with Andrew about three months ago,Tom is happier than he’s been for a long time – as if a load has lifted. I would always take my boys to see Andrew because it is one of the most effective ways I’ve discovered to create a sustained change.”

Ruth Donald, Managing Director, Brainbase

Helping people achieve

“Andrew Hughes is such an enthusiastic achiever for himself and his clients. He is focused on helping people to achieve the best they can and he directs his energy toward that. He is a joy to work with.

Judy Williams, Owner, Tonic Coaching

Knowledge and insight

AndrewFreer“Andrew possesses the knowledge, insight and personable nature to assist anyone wanting to achieve improvement in their business or career.”

Andrew Freer, Owner, KJB Law

I’m more me and I love it

“Before I saw Andrew I was often stressed out. I wasn’t having much fun and my health and life were suffering. Working with Andrew made it easy to let all of that stuff go, and now I don’t think or feel the same way. I react differently – things don’t worry me and I can just get on with it. I speak up for myself and I’m much happier with who I am. In a way, I’m more me and I love it. Doing some ‘mind work’ with Andrew was truly transformational.”

Karla, Newcastle

I have my life back

“Before I saw Andrew I was constantly stressed. I was always worried about what might go wrong and did lots of crazy things to try to feel safe. I knew being so stressed and anxious all of the time wasn’t really who I was but I couldn’t stop. After only one session with Andrew I felt totally different – now nothing seems to stress me. Just the day after I remember telling my sister “words can’t explain how good I feel”. I have my life back.”

Renee C (aged 17)

Andrew told me to be proud of who I am

Mentoring Program. Feedback from the Year 8 boys.

boy walking in water“The best thing I have gotten out of coming to see Andrew would be that I now think more positively about myself and everyday things. And I now realise what my best qualities are as a person. If it happens next term I don’t want anything to change in these lessons.” Peter

“The best thing I liked about this class was learning how to respect myself more and hearing the stories and getting hypnotised. Next term I would like to do the same things.” C.S

“Gained more respect for myself and it was fun. If I did it again I would want to do the same thing.”

“The best thing in this group is you just get to be relaxed and get to use your brain and feel all your strengths and muscles relaxing and you get outta class. I want it to be the same.”

“I really enjoyed coming here because Andrew sorta told me to back yourself, be proud of who I am and he done meditating that helped my day to stay relaxed and unleshed(sic). Thanks Andrew.” Josh

“To just learn about the thing we could do if we apply ourself and I learnt a lot. And I am a lot more positive. I would love to do this again. It was a great thing. Thanks Andrew.” Joe

“The best thing I liked was the stories and hypnosis. It also made me feel better about myself.”

“The best thing about this class is the feeling you get when Andrew talks to us because it makes me feel calm and relaxed. It is good to make myself feel more confident about myself because sometimes I feel down. Makes me respect myself more and better.” Isaac

“I feel that coming here has made me feel so much better about myself, I feel stronger and more confident about myself and what I can achieve in life. I wouldn’t change the experience, it has changed my life and how I feel about everything.” Callum

“Made me feel good about myself and to respect myself and what I do. It was really fun and interesting.” J.S.

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