Having spent the twenty years in the field of human wellness, the concept of NLP is not new to me. Recently I experienced a total breakthrough with an important issue that I had been trying to resolve for many years, after just one session with Andrew. The very next day I was noticing positive changes in my life! Andrew is the real deal, I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about creating the life they deserve.” – Rohan O’Reilly, Holistic strength & wellness coach, Mandala Keys

What do these people have in common? 

  • the frustrated man who can’t express his emotions in an intimate relationship
  • the protective mother who can’t stop demanding love from her children
  • the boss who can’t stop controlling
  • the adolescent who is bullied and full of fear or angry and withdrawn
  • the aspiring leader who burns their team
  • the person in the grip of a phobia.

In all these situations the individuals understand that different actions are needed to get different results, but in each case they can’t stop doing what they’re doing. Why? Because their actions are driven by the ideas, memories, values and beliefs they have about the world and themselves, all of which are stored at an unconscious level. Expecting better results without realigning these foundation stones is like playing your favourite CD or MP3 and expecting to hear a different tune.

Change where it matters 

Real and lasting change comes from altering the ideas and decisions you have about life at the unconscious level. Empowering changes to that framework bring about a shift in focus, an inspiring model of the world and insightful, spontaneous action. Not surprisingly, better action gets you better results.

Andrew’s clients who have made these changes have experienced:

  • financial success and abundance
  • rapid growth in their chosen careers
  • deeper and more fulfilling relationships
  • radically improved health
  • inner peace, freedom and fulfilment.

More importantly, all of Andrew’s clients (whether in a coaching program, training or a seminar) gain deep insight into how they create their experience, where they fit into the world and how they can best contribute to it.

Are you ready to get out of your own way?

Andrew’s 3 stage Coaching Program will provide you with the insight to discover and overcome the obstacles to your personal or professional success. Using NLP models and techniques, neuro-leadership concepts and proven strategies to successfully implement sustainable change, you will bust through the barriers that have been holding you back.

If you have the courage to raise your expectations, commit to change, and step into your potential,

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