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Heart Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Fact 1: Your body loves feeling the feelings of appreciation, love and gratitude. Dr Bruce Lipton discovered in his lab that the cells in your body love the chemicals associated with those emotions above all else, even food!

Fact 2: Focusing on what you are grateful for, two minutes a day for 21 days, changes your neural networks and the way you see the world. Among many benefits, it will increase your levels of:

  • happiness;
  • productivity;
  • influence; and
  • success.

Fact 3: At a quantum level, you are constantly projecting a resonance into the quantum soup of life also known as ‘the great field’, ‘source’, ‘the Universe’, ‘God’, etc. That quantum soup of possibility returns to you that which you transmit. As the saying goes “What you think about, you bring about.” It is what you are feeling that matters most.

Conclusion: The more time you can spend feeling appreciation and gratitude, the better your life will be.

How to do it

The gratitude minute is very simple – all you need to do is feel grateful for a minute. The process that is scientifically proven to have the maximal impact on your body chemistry, energetic field and brain coherence is as follows:

  1. Focus on your heart while taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths.
  2. Visualise the breath coming in and out of your heart
  3. Think about someone or something so that you feel the feelings of gratitude, appreciation and or love flood through your body.
  4. Continue this process for a full minute, expanding your feelings of appreciation and gratitude, including small things such as taking a breath or feeling sun on your face, as well as loved ones, pets, belongings, etc.


Presence is Potent

Being present is an idea that has been around for ever. What it means is to get out of your head and into life. It means to get out of your way and into the flow. It means to get out of the the past and the future, and into the now.


If you are thinking about it, you are not being present. So do it during a break, while taking a walk, while having a coffee or eating lunch.

Trying to be present while completing a complex mental task increases the degree of difficulty significantly, so save that challenge until a little later:)

Here’s how you do it

First, notice your breath. Feel the flow of air over your top lip.

Now, begin to look around and simply observe. Don’t put labels on anything. Labels are loaded with meaning based on the past. Let them go. See a tree as you would if you’d never seen one before.

Feel the air move on your skin. Notice your breath again.

If you are doing something with your hands, focus on the sensations coming through them.


When you are present in this way you become detached from the drama of life. You stop being a victim, rescuer, persecutor and you become the observer.

The observer creates the game – everyone else is a powerless player.

It’s your choice.