“… that very next hour would give me back my life, my purpose in life. As I sat listening to the energetic and charismatic presenter, his words resonated in me. He could have, in fact, been speaking on my behalf.

I walked away after that hour knowing that my life from that moment on would be different … my whole mental approach to life had dramatically changed.

My life now has a distinct purpose and because of that hour I am the best person that I can be and will use this to inspire all the young students that I have the privilege to teach.”


Rochelle Dooley, Teacher

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If you're looking for inspiration, motivation and a unique viewpoint, you've found it. As a former senior executive and lawyer, Andrew brings a powerful, intelligent presence to any conference or event. He also provides a depth and humanity that only comes after coaching thousands of people to tap into their potential and live authentic, fulfilled lives.

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Keynote topics include:

Live an Authentic, Fulfilling Life

Life is an incredible gift and Andrew draws on his own journey, ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to inspire his audience to want more out of life, relationships and work. He provides a radically different lens through which to consider our behaviours, inspiring and challenging audiences to begin living according to their inner wisdom. Andrew establishes the clear benefits of living an authentic, fulfilling life while contrasting the risks of settling for less. Life is about choices – everyone leaves this session vowing to make better ones.

Walk of the Matador

When a professional matador enters the bullring, he knows what it means to be ‘in the moment’. There is no easily predictable outcome and things can (and often do) go wrong. How does the bullfighter manage to enter the ring gracefully, purposefully, stylishly and full of confidence? In this session, Andrew will share insights into managing mindset, emotions and outcomes in the often challenging confrontations of daily life. He’ll also have the audience prancing like Matadors – bring a camera!

Leading to Inspire and Transform

Leaders set the tone in every work environment. So the question is, what’s in your head and what impact is it having on everyone around you. Are you creating the ‘place to be’ or the ‘place to beware of’? In this session, Andrew will share insights into becoming a leader others want to follow, creating an environment that manages itself, getting the best out of yourself and your team in challenging times.

Everyone was on a high!

“What an DSC_2376inspiring ball of energy! Wow, what a finish to an excellent day. I hope I can see Andrew speak again, as I LOVED IT! His powerpoints were visual, short and sharp, he motivated the entire room and was definitely a fantastic speaker at the end of the day. I can’t wait to use some of his ideas and put them into action.
“Very professional and entertaining presentation.”
“A fantastic experience.”
“Everyone was on a high! Very inspiring.”
“I still felt motivated at the end of a long day! Some great leadership information.”
“Andrew’s session was amazing! He was very entertaining and insightful.”
“Best of the day.”
“WOW! Amazing presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed the content and Andrew’s insights.”
“Wow! Wow! Wow! I want what he’s having! Andrew is energetic and passionate, knowledgeable, logical and inspiring.”

Feedback from Australian Human Resources Industry Practices Day 

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