The best I’ve seen

timeline_img1“Andrew’s amazing content deals with issues and challenges that successful financial planning practices deal with daily… He is the best I’ve seen and I’ve had the privilege of seeing many.”—Philip Smith, MDRT Top of the Table Member, Australia

logo“Having been in business in the financial services industry for 15 years I have been to many conferences both in Australia and overseas and Andrew is up there with the best presenters I have seen.”—Glen Reilly CFP, Fitzpatricks Newcastle

You have a gift

d.kratzenberg“We have had our wrap up of MDRT  Toronto and we had an outstanding meeting. Our focus sessions were very well rated and I have to say that you did a fabulous job. You were engaging, articulate and very well received by the audience as well as being a pleasure to work with.

You have a gift for your work and I expect our paths will cross again in the future.”—Donna Kratzenberg, MDRT organiser, USA

Vankat Vakalapudi, MDRT Indian flagbearerSo engaging and motivating

“I am Venkat Vakalapudi from Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) India. I was the Indian flag bearer for the MDRT Meet at Toronto. I attended and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your delivery was so engaging and motivating. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. I consider myself lucky that I got this opportunity to attend it and gain information that would help me better my business and improve my relationship with existing clients.”—Venkat Vakalapudi, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) India.

Played a significant role

CarolineBanks“What a journey! Thank you for being a part of the MDRT Annual Meeting. Your invaluable contribution to the program is most appreciated. We appreciate the time you took in preparing and sharing your insights and expertise with our members.

The entire meeting was well attended and you played a significant role in the success we experienced in Toronto…”—Caroline A. Banks, First Vice President, MDRT, London UK

Everyone was on a high!

arhi“What an inspiring ball of energy! Wow, what a finish to an excellent day. I hope I can see Andrew speak again, as I LOVED IT! His powerpoints were visual, short and sharp, he motivated the entire room and was definitely a fantastic speaker at the end of the day. I can’t wait to use some of his ideas and put them into action.”
“Very professional and entertaining presentation.”
“A fantastic experience.”
“Everyone was on a high! Very inspiring.”
“A very inspirational guy and very entertaining.”
“I still felt motivated at the end of a long day! Some great leadership information.”
“Andrew’s session was amazing! He was very entertaining and insightful.”
“Best of the day.”
“WOW! Amazing presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed the content and Andrew’s insights.”
“Very engaging speaker…Left the room in a very positive mode and demonstrated how to encourage positive thought processes. The electromagnetic field and the energy of the heart project was very interesting.”
“A high energy presentation which lifted the atmosphere in the room and provided much ‘food for thought’.”
“Inspiring, energetic, entertaining. Knowledgeable speaker with a big heart.”
“Great facilitator. Thought provoking.”
“Wow! Wow! Wow! I want what he’s having! Andrew is energetic and passionate, knowledgeable, logical and inspiring.”
“How could you not be motivated!” —Feedback from Australian Human Resources Industry Practices Day

30439Hunter_Water_logoCharisma, energy and intellect

“Andrew is a very experienced corporate facilitator who brings a great deal of charisma, energy and intellect to any presentation. He has presented to senior leadership teams and wider audiences about the values and methodologies of great leadership and people management. Eloquent, articulate and with a blue chip background in the law and finance, Andrew commands attention and is effective across a variety of presentation settings.” —Jonathan Morris, Group Manager People and Safety, Hunter Water Corporation

Great Value

“On behalf of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, I would like to thank you for presenting at the Leading through Transformational Change: Executive Level Leadership Conference. Your interactive presentation on ‘Releasing the Pressure – Real Strategies for Real Life’ where you explained the effects of stress and the strategies to use to help reduce stress levels was of great value. It was highly entertaining and very well received by the delegates in attendance. I am delighted that you were able to play an important role.” —D. Taylor, Acting Assistant Secretary, Learning and Development Branch, Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

maitlandWe were lucky to have you

“I wanted to write on behalf of Maitland City Council to thank you for your speech at International Men’s Day. We were lucky to have you there to deliver our first speech of the day, which was rousing, thought-provoking, and in the spirit of the theme of the event. I for one found myself reflecting on my relationship with my father and how in turn it’s shaped the person I am, and I was told by many people on the day how much they enjoyed your speech.”—Richard Hershman, Community Planner, Maitland City Council

The client just loved you!

hve logo“Well the client just loved you! Thank you so much for your excellent work with this group. They noted that there was one lady in the group, Janice, whose parents had died 6 months ago or so and who had been very depressed, lonely etc. There were a few things you said which really resonated with her, and she commented to the boss and organizer how much she enjoyed the session with you and that you had given her some constructive tools to take away. They, and we, are very appreciative of your great work.”—Rebecca Edwards, Event Manager, Hunter Valley Events

Tailored the talk to the audience


“…I really appreciated that you listened to our brief and tailored the talk to the audience and the challenges facing financial advisers. Believe me, many speakers are briefed, few respond as well as you did.”—Allison DummettDirector, Matrix Planning Solutions

“Andrew really hit the spot for our motivational speaker – passion, poise, powerful presentation – perfect!”

“Very engaging presenter – good choice for first slot on the second day of the conference.”

“He was so motivated and really made you think about the way you go about things. It was a different perspective and he also got the whole room into the session.”

—Feedback from Matrix Professional Development Event 2013

A great investment for our company

crest“Andrew presented at the Crest Financial Services staff development day. The session with Andrew was enjoyable, energising and it stimulated us to focus on the culture and development of our team both on a business and personal level. We were impressed with Andrew’s creative, interactive style and presentation content.

The thought-provoking perspectives,along with Andrew’s ability to simplify everyday business and client service issues have helped revitalise our entire company.

The feedback we received from our staff has been extremely positive. Since the session we have continued to focus on our everyday interactions both on a business and personal level, and have seen real change in relationships for our company.

A great investment for our company.”—Paul Howden, Managing Director, Crest Financial Services

Truly inspiring

Marketsoft-logo“Thank you SO much for our session today. I have taken so much away and I can see our Team dynamic changing already. You are truly inspiring, your confidence and enthusiasm is awesome!!!”—Alison Feuerstein, Director, Marketsoft

“Andrew created an amazing day, which engaged the whole team. His style brings out the best in everyone, and stimulates change.”—Dan Cummins, Director, Marketsoft

Awesome speaker

rotary_greenhills“Awesome speaker – we were in stitches laughing.” —Rotary Club of Greenhills

 Such genuine spirit

Forsythes“…it is rare to get a speaker who can have the crowd snorting, walking around like depressed people, comparing us to trees, and talking about tirodial fields in the one presentation!!  My big ah ha from your presentation was “when the why is big enough, the how is never the problem”. Thanks again for your willingness to engage with people so humorously and with such a genuine spirit. AHRI appreciates it!!—Michelle Crawford, Organisational Development Manager, Forsythes Recruitment

Gave me back my life

Singleton HS_logo“It was a Wednesday afternoon, the 3rd Wednesday of the month, so that meant a staff development meeting. As I walked into the hall I thought to myself, “now here goes an hour that I will never get back in my life”. Little did I know but that very next hour would in fact give me back my life, my purpose in life. As I sat listening to the energetic and charismatic presenter his words resonated in me. He could have, in fact, been speaking on my behalf.

For years I had been trying to work out what it was that I was going to do with my professional life, what it was that I would be great at and what it was that was actually going to give me self-fulfilment. Andrew Hughes opened up my mind and most importantly my heart. He made me realize that what I was in fact looking for was right in front of me, the thing that I would be great at I actually was doing and surprisingly I’m even better than great at it, and I am incredibly fortunate to experience countless moments of fulfilment each day. I walked away after that hour knowing that my life from that moment on would be different. Nothing had physically changed but my whole mental approach to life had dramatically changed.

My life now has a distinct purpose and because of that hour I am the best person that I can be and will use this to inspire all the young students that I have the privilege to teach.”—Rochelle DooleyTeacher

The staff were buzzing

s727“Thank you very much for your thought provoking, love filled presentation. You read us better than any guest speaker we have had over the past decade. The staff were buzzing in the last half of this week. This positive resonance is what more life is all about… FUN.” —Dr. Daniel Smith, Healing Wave Chiropractic Centres, Australia


Motivational and astounding

DSC_2377“Andrew was a very energetic and inspiring speaker. He had an entire group of business leaders, often distracted by the stress of management, on their feet physically throwing away their anxiety. His ability to change the attitude of a room in just half an hour is both motivational and astounding. I personally left feeling at ease with issues that had previously been causing me stress. I look forward to hearing Andrew speak again.”—Peter Blackmore, Mayor of Maitland  

Inspiring and liberating

“It was very refreshing to hear from a speaker with such innovative and positive ideas for self-development and dealing with stress. Andrew’s energetic presentation took us through a variety of exercises that not only get the mind moving away from stress but engage the body, allowing people to physically loosen up and let go of anxieties. Andrew’s manner is both inspiring and liberating and I would recommend his services to any professional group.”—David Evans, General Manager, Maitland City Council

Passionate approach

psyborg“As a speaker Andrew is inspirational, engaging and practical. Andrew explains his topics using a passionate approach and references real world examples that help cement his concepts in your mind. His practical advice on business challenges are logical and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as a speaker or as a life/business coach.”—Daniel BorgOwner & Creative Director/Designer, Psyborg

Engaging, fresh and interactive

“Andrew is a powerful, charismatic and entertaining presenter with a passion for propelling you towards exactly what it is you love. His presentations are engaging, fresh and interactive, and afterwards you will feel focused, on target and determined to have fun while acheiving your goals. I would highly recommend Andrew Hughes.”—Paul Robinson, Account Manager

Powerful presentations

DSC00238“Andrew is a leadership management and employee engagement specialist. His presentations are powerful, engaging, and leave you wanting more of his knowledge. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Andrew if you want to get more from your team. Have Andrew help get your passion for the business into your employees and enhance your bottom line.”—Craig McGregor, Director, Retain HR

Captures entire audience

archer“Andrew is a fantastic motivational speaker, who captures the entire audience’s attention when making a presentation. He manages to engage and include all members of the audience in his enthusiasm for the topic. Andrew has the ability to draw upon his leadership experience and provide facts and statistics when delivering his topic. I highly recommend Andrew as a speaker for any motivational/leadership presentations.”—Melissa Archer, Principal, Archer Business Consulting

Witness the passion

MaitlandBusinessChamber“Andrew “wowed” Maitland Business Chamber members… Andrew’s presentation skills and presentation content kept the attendees engaged throughout. A challenge for any early morning meeting!

It was a great pleasure to witness the passion Andrew emanates in his presentation and how he was received by the members. Everyone left the meeting with “something”, another challenge successfully navigated by Andrew. Our sincere thanks to Andrew and our strong recommendation to anyone who would engage Andrew as a speaker.”—Craig Wellings,Vice President, Maitland Business Chamber

Take your organisation to the next level

channel-direct“I have had the pleasure of being inspired by Andrew’s presentations on different topics and seen the way he relates to groups and individuals. He has leadership understanding, passion, enthusiasm and ability to engage and inspire an audience. If you need someone who will take your organisation, whether big or small, to the next level…Andrew is the man!”—Robyn Roberts, Owner, Channel Direct Home Loans

Entertaining and inspiring

“I have been privleged to hear Andrew speak on many occasions, his engagement with his audience is both entertaining and inspiring. Andrew can deliver his message on a topic that will leave his audience with the inspiration to take action.”—Fred RobertsOwner, Channel Direct Home Loans

Builder of self-confidence

SendOutCards Logo“I had the privilege of listening to and working with Andrew on leadership issues. During this time I found Andrew to be a builder of self-confidence who had the ability to transform your being. He gives you the belief and faith in your own abilities and style which will ultimately work for you. Andrew instils leadership and reinforces what is good and right.”—George McIntosh, Send Out Cards

Kept listeners intrigued

aiesec“Andrew was a fantastic speaker! Both the content and the delivery of his presentation was superb. He mixed in interesting stories with useful pictures and slides, keeping listeners intrigued, entertained and informed. His passion for personal development really shone through. A pleasure to have as a speaker and I hope to have the opportunity to hear him speak again.”—Francis Wong, AIESEC UNSW

“Andrew is an extremely engaging speaker who has inspired me to further explore the leader in myself. Through his ‘Leadership from the Inside Out’ session and funny stories, Andrew has challenged me to think outside the square and to focus on developing the leader in me who will greatly impact this world. I look forward to applying the key aspects of Andrew’s session to my AIESEC life and beyond.”—Esther Ho, AIESEC UNSW

Informative, interactive, enjoyable

HBC“Andrew was a guest speaker at one of our Hunter Business Chamber functions – the Business Development Forum – earlier this year, where he provided the audience with a comprehensive overview of the topic ‘The Balanced Workplace’. He captured the audience from the very beginning and offered a very informative, interactive, enjoyable and valuable presentation which acquired positive feedback. I would not hesitate to approach Andrew for further speaking opportunities at Chamber events in the future.”—Lee Cleary, Events and Marketing Coordinator, Hunter Business Chamber

Made me think about my brain

maitlandWe were invited to a breakfast at Maitland Senior Citizens Hall to celebrate Local
Government Week. Teachers and school leaders from schools in the Maitland Council
area shared breakfast with some of the Maitland Councillors.

We had bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and toast with orange juice or water for
breakfast. The bacon and sausages were the yummiest. During breakfast we completed
a survey about places we go to around Maitland as part of the ‘ Creating A Vibrant River
City ’ project.

Andrew Hughes was there as our guest speaker. He spoke to us about
our brains and how to be ourselves as good leaders. He showed us pictures that proved
to us that we see, hear and feel with our brains. He gave us four points to remember to
be good leaders.

They were:

  1. BE before you DO
  2. Believe you CAN
  3. Focus on your BRILLIANCE
  4. Do the things you LOVE

We got goody bags to take away with us as well.

What we thought:
Justess: “It was brilliant and a really good experience to learn about our brain. ”
Tamlyn: “It was great to sit and learn about your brain and learn how to believe in
yourself. ”
Dane: “Andrew Hughes was funny and he made me think about my brain. The food
was good. ”

—Local Government Week Breakfast (from the Gillieston Public School Newsletter)

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