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Dear Fellow Life Traveller,

Life is a grand adventure that can be endlessly ecstatic. It can be all about thriving, without striving. Are you ready to get in the flow of all life has to offer you?

What I’m about to share with you will help you make lasting changes in your life… But not only that… It will help you understand what you really want from life, and it will help you live the life you were born to live.

I absolutely know that there is more to you than you allow yourself to acknowledge. You are capable of living an extraordinary life that has a massive and positive impact on everyone around you.

After coaching and training thousands of people, I know I can help you achieve authentic and fulfilling success in all areas of your life, including your health, finance, relationships and career.

But first, here’s a warning: This event is not one of those that offers a magic pill and the achievement of your every dream and $1 million in the next 7 days…Rather, it will be a genuine opportunity to explore the things that challenge you.

You are already what you need to be and you have, at your fingertips, all the resources you need to experience a complete personal transformation. You don’t need to ‘do’ anything…Rather, the greatest gifts of life will manifest when you get out of your own way.

I know this event will change your life, so please register now.


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18/19 July 2015


Why do people come to this event?

1. I don’t like my job, but what else can I do?

I know that there is more for me to do in the world – I feel it, but what can I do? I’ve got commitments and while I don’t love my job, I’m reasonable at it. I don’t want to let people down. I don’t see any other alternatives for me.

2. I think I’m ready to escape from what I am doing, but how?

I’ve come to a point in my life where I know I can’t stay where I am, but how do I get out and where do I go? It’s easy to talk about it but where’s the manual on how to get there? I need some help or at least some direction.

3. I know what I’d love to do, but I don’t think I have what it takes to go after it successfully.

I have a lot of self doubt. I don’t think I have what it takes to go after what I really want. I won’t be able to make money doing something I love. I try not to dream about what might be as there is no point in setting myself up for disappointment.

4. I want a better life but I can’t break out of this rut.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get ahead. I don’t know how much longer I can grind away at this game. I seem to be constantly pushing the proverbial uphill with a pointy stick. I’m over it. I want things to change but I don’t know how.

5. I’m not sure where I’m headed.

I have a sense that I’m floating along. I have lots of advice and ideas but I’m not sure which road to take. I don’t want to disappoint anyone or do something I shouldn’t be doing. Going after what I love sounds great, but I don’t know if it’s that easy.


So what’s the answer?

IMG_0028Step 1 – Manage your perception

What you think impacts everything. It dictates what you see, hear, taste and feel and accordingly what shows up in your life. People become so entrenched in their perception that they mistake it for reality. It isn’t.

Managing your perception is not a matter of “positive thinking” as much as fully appreciating your driving role in what you perceive. The latest science profoundly makes this point.

Once you manage your perception, your experience of everything in life will change for the better. You’ll have more energy, greater resilience and begin to see and enjoy the dance of a creative life.

DSC00818Step 2 – Find what it is that excites you (sometimes called a purpose)

After you understand the role of your perception and when you’re at your best, it’s impossible to ignore what your heart and intuition tell you. Your purpose is a way-of-being more than an act-of-doing – you can be on your purpose no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The reason why people find it so hard to find their purpose is they look in the wrong place and from the wrong perspective. I’ll let you in on the easy way to find your purpose and begin acting on it. The end of this story is fulfilment.

(We expect this event to sell out because seats are strictly limited, so please reserve your seat now)

The results have been spectacular

DSC00959“… the results have been spectacular, including 2 x $20,000 pay rises, regularly exceeding monthly sales targets and building a healthy property portfolio. I would recommend anyone to Andrew for an eye-opening dose of inner potential.”—Paul Robinson


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18/19 July 2015


IMG_0016Step 3 – Find and throw off the anchors holding you back

What stops people from following their purpose and realising their potential are their fears and beliefs. They keep you in a box – a tight one at that – and are reinforced by your family, peers and social structure. They are the foundation of your largest internal conflicts. They often show up in your life in self sabotaging patterns.

Most people spend their lives pushing against these anchors while in the pursuit of success. It’s like sailing into a gale force wind. It takes a lot longer to get anywhere and when you get there, you’re exhausted.

There’s a simple way to throw off these anchors and it’s called the Heart Centred Emotional Freedom Process. Learn it once and you can use forever to free yourself from whatever is keeping you where you are.

Step 4 – Build a memory of your future

Part of the process of creating a great life is deciding what you want. The Universe loves a decision. When imagining a life you’d love, it’s important to start at the right place. Setting goals from the Ego often leads to disappointment, either because the goal isn’t consistent with your true nature and doesn’t come about or because it’s pretty empty when you get there.

When you use the Heart Centred Achievement Process you powerfully encode your desired outcome into your psychology and physiology.

Power to change lives

DSC00820“I went into the seminar with an open mind, simply looking for some direction and hopefully some useful tools. More specifically, I didn’t have the inner confidence to walk away from the typical ‘career’ focused mindset as I have come to believe there are more rewarding life paths for me. This decision is made all the more difficult when I am close to finishing my third degree!

…Since the seminar, everything is clearer. I have finally settled on my approach to life ahead, and for once it doesn’t give me tiny nudges of doubt. There is light ahead now, if you would excuse the cliché, and I am actually 2 steps away from partly realising the very goal I circled in light and brought within for your goal setting exercise.

In addition, I have found a great friend and mentor in Paul Robinson, and meditation is becoming a part of my everyday life.

… I just wish to thank you…for the support you offer and the power it has to change lives…”—Ashley Craig

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18/19 July 2015


IMG_0018Step 5 – Take inspired action

You live in a world that is action obsessed. But how often does action based on the rules and expectations get the results you want. Reflect for a moment on your greatest successes in life – could you have predicted how they came about? Did something happen serendipitously or out of the blue? Could you have predicted what happened?

If doing what everyone else is doing really worked, why don’t we see those successes everywhere? It’s because action on its own is not enough.

The truth is, you already are everything you need to be and, deep down, you already know what you need to do. You just haven’t been listening. Your answers will come from your inner wisdom, not outer advice.

The beauty of the Heart Centred Achievement Process is that it leads you to identify truly inspired and aligned action that will provide you with the shortest route between where you are and where you want to be. It brings your deep inner wisdom into action.


DSC00957Step 6 – Align your psychology and physiology with what you desire

If you have set goals, you’ll have noticed that they don’t always come to fruition. You might also notice that some people seem to be actively working against their goals – they want the outcome, but they keep getting the way. It’s called self sabotaging behaviour. Sometimes it’s obvious, and at other times it’s subtle.

This happens because at an unconscious level part of you is working against the flow. For whatever reason there’s a conflict, as part of you has decided it’s not safe to achieve the future you’ve imagined.

Luckily, the mind and body are constantly telling you when those conflicts arise. Most people are so busy focussing on action and external advice, they don’t pay attention. When you do, however, and use the Heart Centred Reframing Process, you’ll discover your emotions and memories are the key to unlocking your unlimited potential.

When your psychology and physiology are aligned with what you want, the world takes on a magical glow


Like a giant hug

mairead-quinn“Five weeks on and I have seen some massive shifts, mainly in career and letting go of past experiences that I have been holding onto, moments I could not see clarity in but only regret and hurt. Andrew, with care and guidance, provided me with tools to be able to embrace these times and let go of past regrets and ill feeling. Now I am able to achieve so much in my day with no road blocks….I am returning to Andrew’s weekend in July for the guidance and support Andrew provides to help me through!! It’s like a giant hug you feel wrapped in, supported and protected through your journey. Well worth it.”—Mairead Quinn

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(Seats strictly limited)

Newcastle 18/19 July 2015



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