Work Some Magic

Getting want you want, as long as it’s aligned with your true nature, is much easier than you think. We live in a world obsessed with action and doing – an emphasis on the masculine within us. It may well be part of the larger cosmic cycle, but that doesn’t change the fact that our society has become hooked on striving,  competing and judging, all masculine traits. What it is has delivered is a fear-based society full of tired, exhausted and disillusioned hamsters, all running on the same wheel. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Recently, I’ve been using and teaching a perspective and approach to life that is the antithesis to striving. It is called allowing and it is the secret to thriving. While this may sound wishy washy, in fact it is a precise and focussed approach to life that balances the masculine with the feminine. It starts with being clear about what you want, knowing  in your heart that it is already manifest, feeling the feelings of conflict in your way before dissolving them, and then acting from inspiration as you allow your rewards to become manifest. It is the yin and the yang of fulfilment and abundance.

This process is ancient, precise, disarmingly simple and a lot of fun. More importantly, it works on the big, and the little!

Australian-CashFor the big, one of my clients in real estate, after using this technique, closed a $200K deal worth $23K in commission the next week, whilst another got the go ahead for about $90,000 of business the week after using the technique (their testimonials are here).

For me, the quality and quantity of my work has increased exponentially. I am making more money with a lot less work. the phone rings despite the absence of marketing on my part – somehow the right people manage to find me.

Converse All Star Black LoFor the little, recently I was shopping with my daughter, Annabelle, for a pair of Converse shoes for school. They were $90 so, just for fun, I ran my allowing process and felt a knowing she would get a pair for $50. Then, I let it go and enjoyed spending time with Belle.

An hour or so of fun later, just as we were about to buy the $90 pair, Belle discovered a bargain pair, originally $140 and reduced to $60. At the counter the attendant reduced them further to $48. It wasn’t until we were outside the store that I remembered my ealier goal – this process works!

I used the same process last week to replace my favourite pair of shoes. On the day I envisioned, I was inspired to walk into Anaconda to find exactly what I wanted on sale in a clearing rack and in my size, reduced from $199 to $99.  At the counter the attendant reduced them to $80. I had envisioned getting them for $70 but hey, I’m not quibbling.

Anyway, if you’re interested in having an easier, more fulfilled life in which you allow the wealth of life to flow to you, come and join me on 31 May to work some magic.