My whole approach to looking at challenges and focusing my energy has changed. Many changes have occurred since working with Andrew and the positive surprises just keep coming my way.

Sally Royal, Senior Executive, Hunter Water Corporation

skypeAre you getting the best out of yourself and your team?

Are you inspiring the people around you? Would you like your team members go the extra mile just because they want to? Do you want to attract star employees into your team? Would you like to get the results you want without feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

You can have all of these things if you’re prepared to do the work. The ’how to’ is disarmingly simple in theory, maddeningly difficult in practice. That’s where Andrew comes in.

Performance and achievement in any business are products of human interaction – the better the quality and realness of the human interaction, the better the outcomes achieved. Leaders set the tone and the future (success or failure) through how they relate, a skill determined by the leader’s personality style overlaid with the weight of their opinions and attitudes.

A coaching program with Andrew is a journey of insight into why people (including you) behave the way they do and what to do if that behaviour isn’t working. For those who are ready, this can include overcoming the core concepts which flavour all choices and create predictable patterns of behaviour. Such paradigm shifts change everything. In a sense, it’s a process of ‘knocking the edges off’ personality to unleash the true power of your leadership potential.

Leaders who commit to this process exponentially increase their influence while similarly decreasing the adverse internal and reactive responses often associated with managing people, meeting deadlines, and taking responsibility.

If you’re interested in a coaching program with Andrew, keep reading. Better still, book in for a free 20 minute consultation with Andrew here and find out how you can take your results and influence to the next level.

The Enneagram

It’s great to be aware of your default behaviours and patterns of thinking, but would you like to know WHY you think and react the way you do? And would you also like to know HOW TO STOP creating the ineffective interactions and adverse outcomes in your professional and personal life that most people spend a lifetime unsuccessfully trying to avoid?

Welcome to the Enneagram, a profound and insightful profiling tool which has its beginnings in mystic traditions, is found in the works of Plato, and incorporates a good dose of Freud and Jung. As part of a coaching program with Andrew you’ll become very familiar with the Enneagram and use it as a means to set yourself free from the ideas, beliefs and behaviours that make life much harder than it could be.

If you’d like to discover your Enneagram profile, take our FREE quiz.

The Power of Coaching

The power in this kind of coaching comes from the regular reflection on results and commitment to new action in the context of targeted areas for expansion or improvement.

The 1-2 hour sessions are generally dedicated to:

• Articulating values, vision and purpose in life
• Increasing self-awareness
• Developing strategies and skills to bring about desired changes in behaviour and attitude.
• Recognising, examining and challenging limiting beliefs
• Establishing goals that align with your values, vision and purpose.
• Creating action plans to achieve goals while dodging road blocks.

They can also include the teaching of skills, tools and strategies (where necessary) in areas such as:
• Relationship management (personal and professional)
• Employee engagement
• Emotional intelligence
• Leadership
• Energy management
• Mindfulness
• Effectiveness.

Coaching sessions occur on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis over 12 months.

If not now, when?

Unlock your potential,
Build your resilience,
Energise your actions, and
Get back on track to fulfilment and success.

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Spectacular Results

“I have been working with Andrew since 2008. During this time and with Andrew as my tour guide, mentor, coach and friend, I have seen my goals come to life, not only in my mind’s eye, and the results have been spectacular, including 2 x $20,000 pay rises, regularly exceeding monthly sales targets and building a healthy property portfolio. I would recommend anyone to Andrew for an eye-opening dose of inner potential.” – Paul Robinson, Sales Manager

Work is Flying in the Door

“Work is now flying in the door. I am back on my creative edge, tackling new skills and pursuing new connections with a new level of enthusiasm. I feel like I have launched off the recent plateau behind and can see more clearly the many opportunities and bright paths set out ahead.” – Daniel Borg, Psyborg

Top of the Range

“The coaching service you deliver is top of the range. Through my professional sporting career I was fortunate enough to have leadership and mental skills coaching from some of the best in the business. I have gained as much from you as I did from these experts in developing high performance. With your coaching I continue to improve towards being the best person and business leader that I can be.” – Glenn Bunny, Director Environmental Services

I Can Take on the World

“After a coaching session with Andrew, I feel as though I can take on the world. He opens my mind to so many possibilities I have never seen and allows me to move forward from areas of my life that I have felt stuck in for years. Without him, I would have stayed stuck forever.” – Rob Mason, Head of Coaching, Authentic Education