Andrew Hughes

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1) I am calm and balanced at work.
2) I let things go easily, such as perceived slights or criticisms of my work.
3) I am less interested in being right than getting the right outcome for everyone.
4) When it comes to decision making, emotions are important whether I like it or not.
5) Sometimes the best thing you can do is let someone know they should find another job.
6) When people leave the business, it’s almost always for the best of everyone.
7) I approach difficult conversations with the mindset that they can be a gift for everyone involved.
8) I admit when I’m wrong as soon as it happens.
9) When dealing with people and their issues, I spend as much time in my heart as I do my head.
10) I understand the source and the preferences of my personality style.
11) I maintain an awareness of the manifestations of my personality and reign them in when they become unhealthy.
12) When I feel discomfort or stress at work, whenever possible, I wait until the feeling has passed before taking action.
13) My work energises me.
14) What I do at work has meaning.
15) I’m pretty much the same person at work as I am at home.
16) I am comfortable with being vulnerable at work - it’s an essential part of being a leader.
17) I realise that there is a balance needed between getting things right and getting things done.
18) People have to make mistakes to learn - it’s part of life.
19) I’d rather do it myself than have someone else stuff it up.
20) It’s hard to stand back when I have no confidence in my staff.
21) I let my staff in - they know who I am and what I stand for.
22) I’ve got my team’s back, just as they have got mine.
23) I don’t have to be in control.
24) I’m not bothered by what others think of me.
25) I never hold a grudge.
26) It’s easy to trust those around me.
27) I find it easy to delegate.
28) I never try to fit in.
29) I find it easy to hold people to account.
30) Accountability is never personal.
31) I often feel I have to fix everything myself.
32) I often outwardly accomodate others in preference to my own opinions.
33) I sometimes feel I need to go out and win people over.
34) I like to focus on the next thing and often feel something better is available somewhere else.
35) When works gets challenging, it’s essential to have a strong set of rules, solid structure or strong boss to depend upon.
36) Sometimes I feel I have to push and struggle to make things happen.
37) I’m driven to achieve and be known as a person who gets things done.
38) In times of stress I find it easier to go inward and work concepts out.
39) I often relive situations and the related emotions in my mind, over and over.

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