Inspiring coaching to unlock your potential and improve business performance

Working with Andrew on an individual basis, he takes you on an unexpected journey. Lose your preconceived ideas of one-on- one coaching and you will find yourself with the best outcome. My whole approach to looking at challenges and focusing my energy has changed. Many changes have occurred since working with Andrew and the positive surprises just keep coming my way.
SALLY ROYAL - Senior Executive, Hunter Water Corporation

When it comes to maximising your leadership and personal effectiveness, is there a magic formula? Why isn’t it the same for everyone? Would you like to discover your unique road map for maximising your performance, impact and satisfaction? Would you like to know where you’re blind sided and how to unlock your hidden potential?

In an Executive Coaching program with Andrew Hughes you’ll discover, perhaps for the first time, how and why it is you feel compelled to behave the way you do. You’ll begin to understand that your behaviours are predictable by reason of the nature and underlying structure of your personality. You’ll become aware of the warning signs that you’re becoming reactive to psychological stimuli and learn how to break that cycle. You’ll identify your self created road blocks, discover how you’re really perceived by others, and change your habits (the biggest obstacles to your success).

Empowering Change

Every personality style has a specific way of approaching and viewing their leadership role. Clients are coached toward the underlying strengths of their personality style balanced with understanding of their blind spots and impact on others. For example, a ‘One’ leader who has exceedingly high standards and searches for perfection is coached to be more relaxed, less self- critical and to appreciate when good is enough, rather than focusing on flaws and mistakes. This typically has a huge positive impact on their influence and resilience.

Leaders set the tone for organisations and the limits of their success through how they relate to themselves and others. Those habits of relating are determined by the weight of their opinions and attitudes, all of which are underscored and predicted by their personality style. To ignore personality in leadership, team work, coaching or training is to ignore the elephants in the room.

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The coaching programs use Andrew Hughes’ expertise developed as a Clinical Practitioner of NLP and other tools grounded in Humanistic and Cognitive Psychology to produce rapid and fundamental change in outlook and behaviours. When combined with the Enneagram, these techniques allow the client to become aware of the causes of ineffective and disempowering patterns before making rapid shifts in perspective. These shifts can go to the very core of personality and enable the client to begin bringing the key strengths of their personality type to conscious awareness.


LINGUISTIC PATTERNS: Insights into perspective, motivation and blind spots are obtained through understanding language patterns. Using tools such as the Meta Model, Hierarchy of Ideas, the Milton Model and Cartesian logic, clients are made aware of and then challenged to face their underlying assumptions, beliefs and perspectives at the core of their behaviours.

PARTS INTEGRATION: This is a process to collapse internal conflicts that are in the way of development and leadership effectiveness. For example, a Three who has a laser focus on goals and achievement may be burning themselves out or destroying relationships through their competitiveness. However, they may experience strong resistance to change because they perceive they will be worthless if they slow down. A parts integration would allow this conflict to be resolved and a more effective strategy to be developed.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE: As the Enneagram makes clear, all personality strategies have an emotional beginning, articulated in the Enneagram through concepts such as the Basic Fear, Basic Desire, Passion and Fixation. While awareness of these concepts is helpful, emotionally triggered patterns.

HEART COHERENCE: While it is widely understood that brain coherence is correlated with high performance and enhanced leadership capabilities, what has only recently been discovered is that heart coherence is the major contributor to brain coherence. That is, the electromagnetic signals sent from the heart to the brain are overwhelmingly responsible for bringing the brain into balance and creating the flow states associated with high performance. The most recent research on insight has revealed it comes in the form of gamma frequency brain activity, again triggered by a conscious hearty awareness process.

These techniques underpin the shift in perspective, consequent development of strategies and actions agreed with the client to improve performance, improve relationships, resolve conflict and achieve agreed outcomes.