He’s the best I’ve seen and I’ve had the privilege of seeing many.

Philip Smith, Top of the Table Member, MDRT

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LOGO MSAIf you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and a unique viewpoint, you’ve found it. Andrew Hughes is a former senior executive and lawyer who now shares his knowledge as an international speaker, trainer and coach.

Andrew’s Transformational Leadership Program has helped businesses throughout Australia change culture, improve employee engagement and develop leaders, and his Personal Development weekends and Executive Coaching programs have helped thousands of people change their lives.

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Looking to make some changes in your life this year? Our 30 DAY CHALLENGE is just for you!

This ultimate challenge contains all the tips and techniques you need to create the life you want. Think of it as your key to creating the life you deserve.

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authentic-success-book Learn how to take inspired action to achieve your goals.

Discover the power of Andrew’s 4A Formula and use it to overcome internal blockages keeping you from success.

Use the 7 Steps to Freedom to eliminate the hidden subconscious fears that may be stopping you from being great.

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soyouwanttobealeaderAs featured in So You Want to be a Leader, edited by Philip Crisp37 Australian voices—both early achievers and the venerable from across the political and social landscape—offer fresh ideas and timeless wisdom for people entering public life.


All profits go to providing resources for young people contemplating a leadership role in public life.

Speaker Masterclass  

Join an enthusiastic group of thought leaders in a small supportive environment to transform the way you think about public speaking.

Andrew has developed this intensive Speaker’s Program to share the secrets he has learned over the years. Secrets like:

How to engage your audience with charisma and authenticity
How to be present and powerful on stage
How to tell a great story
How to relax and build your confidence
How to get out of your own way and be a world class speaker 

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