• If you want to put a flash of excitement and colour into your conference, Andrew can deliver. Truly awesome experience.
    –Mike Woods, Rotary District Governor

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I want what he’s having! Andrew is energetic and passionate, knowledgeable, logical and inspiring …
    How could you not be motivated!
    —Australian Human Resources Industry (AHRI)

  • He is the best I’ve seen and I’ve had the privilege of seeing many.”
    —Philip Smith, MDRT Top of the Table Member, Australia

  • Wow … Andrew is dynamic, energetic and engaging … he understands the need for change and although challenging for some he will leave you wanting more. He’s that good.
    –Ida Portella, Rotary District Governor

  • You did a fabulous job. You were engaging, articulate, very well received as well as being a pleasure to work with. You have a gift for your work.  –Donna Kratzberg, MDRT, USA

  • Your session on resilience was again the most popular of the leadership conference. We had to turn people away! Thanks again.
    –Australian Government Department

  • I have taken so much away and I can see our team dynamic changing already. You are truly inspiring, your confidence and enthusiasm are awesome!!!
    —Alison Feuerstein, Director, Marketsoft


Andrew Hughes understands what it takes to achieve personal potential and why most people never get close.

With an unrelenting focus on what makes people tick, Andrew has helped thousands, from school children to teachers to work teams to CEOs to athletes to entrepreneurs, understand and overcome whatever was holding them back. He has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations, clients such as MDRT, AHRI and Rotary International, as well as both federal and local government.

As a speaker, Andrew is known for his energised, entertaining and practical presentations, brought to life through humorous and real storytelling. He provides audiences with powerful insights into why they behave the way they do and how individuals, businesses and leaders can overcome the thinking and attitudes at the core of every crisis, poor communication, and ineffective relationship. Andrew’s sessions are highly tailored to ensure that every audience member leaves equipped with a clear action plan for bringing their best thinking and performance to any situation.

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