“Know Thyself”

Pythagorus said “Know thyself and you will know the Universe”. The idea is engraved boldly in the forecourt of the 2300 year old Apollo Temple at Delphi. It’s also an old African proverb. In fact, it’s an idea that’s been in all cultures in some form for as long as civilisation has allowed time for contemplation.

The thrust of this wisdom is that if you know yourself, you open up opportunities, wisdom and personal power that is far beyond what you’re experiencing now. This applies to you in every aspect of your life, no less so as a leader or executive or entrepreneur.

To know thyself is not only to be conscious of what you do and when you do it. It’s the “why you do what you do” where the magic is. And it’s not the “why” you think it is. If it were, problems would be easily overcome, life would be easy and everyone would be cruising around with a smile on their face and a pocket full of cash.

Recently a GM expressed a frustration with their inability to achieve their potential. They’re ambitious, charismatic and energetic but set out a history of “almost succeeding”. And then the bombshell came – “I’d really like to know what the next step is to unleash my potential, but I don’t want any of that personal development stuff. I’ve done all of that.”

Thirty minutes later they could see the repeating patterns in their story and begin to understand “why they do what they do”. They may have “done all of that” but they didn’t understand the architecture of their personality or how to effectively manage it.

Now a client, their life view has shifted, their choices have become easier and their influence / results have gone to the next level.

All of this by taking the challenge to “know thyself”. Are you up for it?