Change is hard, unless…

It’s easy to say you want something other than what you have, but do you really?

There’s a recipe for transformational change that’s well tested for those brave enough to try it. But that’s the issue – transformational change requires courage, courage to do the things that most will avoid no matter the cost. And what are those things?

The recipe is simple enough. Reflection, self awareness, honesty, belief and most importantly a leap of faith to do the things that go against the grain. Doing what you (or your team) finds easy to do will likely get you more of what you have.

So if you really want things to be different

  • work out where you’d like to be and why
  • have the courage to really dig into what you think about yourself, others, and the safety of life
  • make a commitment to stay the course no matter how it hard it might get, and
  • then move toward your blind spots (generally where it hurts the most).

There is no magic bullet, but there is a well worn path to whatever you (or your team) are yearning for. Are you brave enough to take it?